Saturday, October 3

Thanks for all the wishes through facebook and sms... Realized that my life wouldn't be complete without friends :)

Check out what I got as a present! Suat Hoon dropped this on my doorstep when Suzanne called my house asking for Chemistry marking scheme to distract me away from the front door... Damn fake wei...

geng ler....

if my friends can afford the real deal then we could be the malaysian version of Gossip Girl ady.. but anyway thanks so much for the mascara + eyelash curler! I didn't tell u guys before but I always wanted to learn how to use it.. someday... so thanks lotssss!!

And thanks to Yenwoon for the plush toy dog! Love you lots babe ^^

and here's a collage for my college friends.. Will really miss the times we spent together... hope we can obsessively hang out after A2!!

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