Monday, May 19

Time to move on...

Honestly speaking I enjoyed working better than studying (oops... did I just say that out loud? hope my parents won't kill me :P) since: homework
2. no exams
3. got money!!! (this is the most important point, I must say)

But of course there are shortcomings to working, like:
1. cannot be late ('cause you may be fired after repeating the same mistake 2 or 3 times!)
2. must be fast learner (or not will always get lecturing from seniors)
3. complicated interpersonal relationships

But anyway, studying is really what we should do while we are still young and fresh (e.g. before we wilt) so I have to move on to the next phase of my life: college.

A digitalised version of Inti College Subang Jaya... Currently pursuing Cambridge A-levels there... Nothing very interesting has happened so far...

Will keep you updated in the future... =)

I digress, but:

do you know how to identify fake smiles from the genuine ones? Try this.


Timmy said...

I prefer Archuleta to Cook too! And of course I can differentiate between fake smiles and genuine smiles--that's what makes my fake smiles so real. LOL.

天使 said...

i prefer work oso@.@
as u say, got money~~