Tuesday, October 30

A Tribute to 5S2

This is going to be my last post before SPM… Things are getting pretty tense for all Form 5-ians and I bet all of us are going to leave secondary school with mixed feelings… This has GOT to be the saddest post I’m going to EVER write but I thought it better to write it now while the emotions are still strong (I seriously don’t care if I get all bleary-eyed after writing this post!). I will not feel the same way as I do now, in like, 10 years from now, so, here it goes:

It’s been quite a long journey since I have stepped into SMJK Kwang Hua, and I must say that the most memorable years that I have had were the last 3 years. When I was still in Form 1 and Form 2, I was kind of LOST and unsure of myself—what personality should I have? Should I change my image? What does it take to be popular? I was constantly struggling with peer pressure and the need to fit in, but after getting a B for Chinese language during end-of-year exam in Form 2, I was “degraded” to 3B class and man, was I devastated at that time!

But now, thinking back, I really got to thank God for putting me in 3B class—I had finally found where I truly belong. Comparatively, being in 3B class was less stressful and hectic, and the teachers placed less pressure on us, not like in the 1st class… My classmates were great, too, including Tiffany(links to her blog). Her straightforward attitude got me on my nerves at times (it still does!) but she would stick with me through thick and thin and put her friends before herself (most of the time, at least). *Tiffany, I know you’ll be on top of the mountain after reading this but what the heck, I must say these things before they sound too gross*… She really made me open up and I became from a very-shy girl to not-so-shy-and-sometimes-even-sampat girl… so thanks a million for making me into a better person! We may never meet again after Graduation Day, but remember that when you feel down or happy or simply anything, just give me a call or arrange an outing together… I really don’t want to lose this bonding that we have formed over 3 years!

After spending one year in 3B class, most of the students from 3B moved up to 4S2 where our bond between classmates grew stronger. There was plenty of entertainment, too. The class clowns like Woei Jye and Wey Kiat kept our schooling days so enjoyable that we would end up massaging our jaws and pressing our abdomen from all the hard laughing… Those were the days, man. Things got even better for Form 5 as pupils from 4S2 automatically entered 5S2… Besides the great friends that I had made, there were also “classic” 5S2 moments that will remain in my memory forever… We have shared so much laughter and overcome so many challenges together; it’s really hard to say it all in just one post!

Here’s my word of thanks to all the family members of 5S2:

Thank you,
· Cheryl—for laughing at my lame jokes and being willing to share your joyous and saddest moments with me, and thanks for your wonderful birthday gift!
· Tiffany—for being there for me and being the best critic in the world! Please do take care and keep in touch!
· Grace—for introducing me to God and for being such a good listener, and sorry for so many phone calls that I make to you daily! (sounds grammatically incorrect) I truly truly appreciate our friendship and we really must keep in contact! Always remember your “trademark” laughter!
· Sin Yee—for sharing your life experiences with us and being such a good “chatting” buddy… We’re both really emotionally unstable so I really do hope that both of us don’t break down during Graduation Day!
· Chee Ling—for your unbeatable “cuteness” and sense of humour… I can always count on you to brighten my day!
· Nic and Jiekai—for being the funny duo and for walking almost in the same “gaya”… Don’t act like you don’t know me 10 years from now, ya?
· Yong Wee—for taking care of my good friend when I couldn’t… and also for sending me home when we stay back in school… don’t lose the weight or not I won’t recognize you next time (no hard feelings ya?)
· See Yin, Wei Nie & Jia Ling—for sacrificing so much of your time and effort for our class magazine and also for the class song…
· Pei Wah & Wan Yee—for “tackling” Woei Jye when he says inappropriate things and being such wonderful members of 5S2…

· Sue Ann—for dedicating so much of your time teaching us the dance steps and for being the one and only “violent” friend that I have!
· Wey Kiat—for being a total drama king and making us laugh to tears! You may not have the chance to fool around in college anymore so enjoy yourself—it’s now or never!
· Jay-son—for being the sleeping god in the class… I’ll definitely remember you!
· Teck Hong—for being da BEST Ketua Kebersihan in the entire world! Thanks for all that you’ve done when I was lazy (as penolong KK) and remember to keep in touch after SPM!
· Aik Chiang and Shen Min—for being the tallest couple in the class! You guys really have a weird and wacky sense of humour!
· Wee Chun—for being the tallest guy in the class and make me look like a midget! Stop growing, will ya?
· Kai Wen—for being such a dedicated class monitor and doing all the stuff that we don’t want to do!

For those not mentioned above, it’s probably ‘cuz I don’t really know you that well but at any rate, thanks for being a part of 5S2! Things would never be the same without a single one of you!!!

5S2 of 2007, SMJK Kwang Hua, Klang--46 students met and created a bond like no other...... Thanks to everyone for making my secondary school life such a worthwhile journey; my life would not be complete without you, 5S2.

Three cheers for 5S2, the unbeatable and irreplaceable class EVER!!!

Saturday, October 6

B'day on D'Day?

CSI Report: PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL--only for intellectual beings

3rd October 2007 (yes, you'd better remember that--and I don't have to tell you why, do I?)
Crime Scene: School Lab ('cause classrooms used for PMR exams)
Time of Death: The moment we got our Sejarah Test papers

Yes, our trial exams are OFFICIALLY over and all, but the toughest part of the whole process was waiting for the results--and what a shock did we all get when we got back our Sejarah test paper! More than 10 people failed in my class (which is quite rare, I'm telling you ) and only 1 person got an A1... Pretty shocking to all of us... Moreover happening on my birthday!

It's really contradictory when I come to think of it--I have been patiently counting off the days to my birthday (figuratively) and when it finally comes, I wished it was over ASAP! Ok enough of my lamenting... Now anyone want to see my birthday presents? Cheer if you want to see the pics! (I hear.... silence..?)

Well I'll post it on anywayz since bragging is one of my favourite pastimes... :P

*~A lil' weird looking, eh? The shop was out of whole cakes so my dad bought them in pieces--impressive design courtesy of dad, too!~*

*~Thanks Tiffy for this cutesy hair clip! (credit: but it looks extra-extra nice due to my professional photography :P)~*

*~Last but not least, thanks a million to Cheryl, Grace and Sin Yee for this fab gift! It's practically pricesless and guess what? When I 1st saw it i was on the verge of tears...~*

So, I would like to say a bunch of thanks to:

  • my mum and dad--> for the cake and 16 years full of love...
  • Yen Woon--> for singing the Happy Birthday song to me on the phone...
  • Sue Fay --> for being sweet enough to send an birthday e-card to me despite being an ocean apart...
  • my sister --> for wishing me "Happy Birthday" and for recommending me to wear my "birthday suit" (thank goodness I wasn't tricked!)
  • Tiffy, Grace, Cheryl and Sin Yee--> for you sweet presents and always being there for me...
That's all!