Saturday, June 24

My brain cells are going beserk

... because i'm running out of topic to write except football! Ah. thought of something.

Japan and South Korea are out of the game! So there will be NO MORE asian representatives out in the field! *Hey nvm, anywayz there are cuter guys from those Europe countries...* Sorry. It was just my sub-conscience talking. It wasn't me :P

So my point is, don't we always think the grass on the other side is greener? Caucasians seem to have it all--height, features and skin tone... what most of us crave alot... memandangkan i'm barely 5 feet, pimple-infested (okay, it's not THAT bad, just a few spots) and banana-skinned (i mean the colour ONLY). So where's the preservation of our culture?

Plz feel free on what are the benefits of being Asian cuz our "kiasu spirit" ROX!!!

um... maybe that was a tad bit over the top, but anyway.

Sunday, June 18

I'm down with fever too...

It's pretty hard not to get it... unless you're immune to:

1. the ever cheering/jeering football fans!
2. the convenience of mamak stalls!
3. REALLY cute guys like D. Beckham, Kaka, Micheal Ballack (esp. him) and C.Ronaldo!
4. the Ball.
5. that feeling of triumph everytime your fav team GOALS!!!

Hope you'll catch the football fever :P

p.s. that is not a curse; it's a blessing.

Wednesday, June 7


Yes. Since "me" is such a significant word in everyone's lives, just hoping that you'll help me understand "me"... plz follow this link:

~Click Here~

Thanks a billion!

Monday, June 5

A Pleasant Experience

I thought the trip to Putrajaya would be pretty much technology, technology and technology. Don’t know why. But anyway my parents and I made a day trip to Putrajaya just to kill time. (Ok, sarcasm flaring!) Since it’s like a new city, all of the buildings are either under construction or newly built. The residential areas are VERY westernized; they don’t have front gates and it’s simply chic! (Must’ve read too many Shopaholic books)

So then we reached our destination at about 11 am (the journey took us about 1 ½ hours; the road signs were misleading as usual). Apparently the government dug a trench that would separate his working office and his private home, so when the PM wants to get from his residence to his office, he has to ride a boat to get to the other side! How UNconventional is that! (He’ll reach there in like 1 minute; it also helps him avoid traffic jam on the bridge! What a privilege!)

There was also this very authentic and exotic-looking mosque that stood majestically by the riverbank. (Ok I’m not going to start promoting Cuti-Cuti Malaysia so I’ll stop talking in this tone.) however we couldn’t get a closer look due to clothing restrictions and those who were not fully clothed had to wear pink robes (yeah, regardless of age and gender). *Not wishing to membangkitkan isu-isu sensitive*, so I’ll stop here.

Then we moved on to my favourite part *rubbing hands together anxiously*--food!

We dined at a food court and my parents and I shared a nasi kandar and Indian rojak; suddenly I missed Klang food! It is soooooo much better
here; they just want to earn some foreigners’ money!

So to make a long story short (yes, I caught you yawning just a millisecond ago!), we went to a Chinese temple (not in Putrajaya!) in
Jenjarom where everything was so serene…In the garden, there were lots of stone carvings depicting different gods and out of nowhere, a snake slithered out of the bushes! It didn’t come for us (Thank God!) but it was long, slimy and, well, snake-like! (Duh.) We and the other tourists freaked out a little but it went back into the bushes again… Or not I could show off my Crocodile Hunter skills of snake-slaying! *perasan*

So that’s all, enjoy your hols! p.s. The pic below : Me striking the pose on the poster :P


Homo sapiens have definitely evolved since the creation of mankind. You know what I mean? We have such a deep cultural evolvement that if you gaze back in time, you’ll find that we’re getting back to square one.

1st stage: Start of as primitive beings. We crawl on all fours, feeding on raw, fresh meat, hunting and being the hunted…Start to use only 2 legs as “transportation”, concealing certain parts of the body to gain warmth and protection.

2nd stage: Develop “fashionable” accessories,applying “barter system” in daily lives. (Thanks to sejarah!)… Clothes get thicker, a difference of status between men and women, and also occupation.

3rd stage: Clothes start to get “thinner”, everyone more “open minded” and mengamalkan pergaulan bebas… you know what I mean…

4th stage: We haven’t reached this stage yet but I predict that we’ll run around stark naked and start scratching and beating our chests. Before you know it, we’ll be removing ticks from each other’s bodies! (just joking lar. Don’t gross out.)

There was a phrase in the animated movie “Over the Hedge” that made me wonder how true the animals were:

Animal A: What’s this?

Animal B: It’s a SUV/car.

Animal A: What’s it for?

Animal B: It’s a kind of transportation for humans because they are slowly losing their ability to walk.

Hey, maybe they understand our behaviour more than WE do!

Friday, June 2

Your Brain is 67% Female, 33% Male

Your brain leans female
You think with your heart, not your head
Sweet and considerate, you are a giver
But you're tough enough not to let anyone take advantage of you!