Monday, June 5

A Pleasant Experience

I thought the trip to Putrajaya would be pretty much technology, technology and technology. Don’t know why. But anyway my parents and I made a day trip to Putrajaya just to kill time. (Ok, sarcasm flaring!) Since it’s like a new city, all of the buildings are either under construction or newly built. The residential areas are VERY westernized; they don’t have front gates and it’s simply chic! (Must’ve read too many Shopaholic books)

So then we reached our destination at about 11 am (the journey took us about 1 ½ hours; the road signs were misleading as usual). Apparently the government dug a trench that would separate his working office and his private home, so when the PM wants to get from his residence to his office, he has to ride a boat to get to the other side! How UNconventional is that! (He’ll reach there in like 1 minute; it also helps him avoid traffic jam on the bridge! What a privilege!)

There was also this very authentic and exotic-looking mosque that stood majestically by the riverbank. (Ok I’m not going to start promoting Cuti-Cuti Malaysia so I’ll stop talking in this tone.) however we couldn’t get a closer look due to clothing restrictions and those who were not fully clothed had to wear pink robes (yeah, regardless of age and gender). *Not wishing to membangkitkan isu-isu sensitive*, so I’ll stop here.

Then we moved on to my favourite part *rubbing hands together anxiously*--food!

We dined at a food court and my parents and I shared a nasi kandar and Indian rojak; suddenly I missed Klang food! It is soooooo much better
here; they just want to earn some foreigners’ money!

So to make a long story short (yes, I caught you yawning just a millisecond ago!), we went to a Chinese temple (not in Putrajaya!) in
Jenjarom where everything was so serene…In the garden, there were lots of stone carvings depicting different gods and out of nowhere, a snake slithered out of the bushes! It didn’t come for us (Thank God!) but it was long, slimy and, well, snake-like! (Duh.) We and the other tourists freaked out a little but it went back into the bushes again… Or not I could show off my Crocodile Hunter skills of snake-slaying! *perasan*

So that’s all, enjoy your hols! p.s. The pic below : Me striking the pose on the poster :P


zen said...

haha the last picture is the best :D

Sue said...

Wah! I remember going to Putrajaya a long long time ago! I had to wear those pink robes to go in the mosque too!! Haha...I actually thought it was really boring -.-