Monday, June 5


Homo sapiens have definitely evolved since the creation of mankind. You know what I mean? We have such a deep cultural evolvement that if you gaze back in time, you’ll find that we’re getting back to square one.

1st stage: Start of as primitive beings. We crawl on all fours, feeding on raw, fresh meat, hunting and being the hunted…Start to use only 2 legs as “transportation”, concealing certain parts of the body to gain warmth and protection.

2nd stage: Develop “fashionable” accessories,applying “barter system” in daily lives. (Thanks to sejarah!)… Clothes get thicker, a difference of status between men and women, and also occupation.

3rd stage: Clothes start to get “thinner”, everyone more “open minded” and mengamalkan pergaulan bebas… you know what I mean…

4th stage: We haven’t reached this stage yet but I predict that we’ll run around stark naked and start scratching and beating our chests. Before you know it, we’ll be removing ticks from each other’s bodies! (just joking lar. Don’t gross out.)

There was a phrase in the animated movie “Over the Hedge” that made me wonder how true the animals were:

Animal A: What’s this?

Animal B: It’s a SUV/car.

Animal A: What’s it for?

Animal B: It’s a kind of transportation for humans because they are slowly losing their ability to walk.

Hey, maybe they understand our behaviour more than WE do!

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