Friday, November 17

History *yawn* of A Dreamer’s Sketchbook

No worries, this is not related to the subject in school that causes serious brain damage… Just explaining how I chose my new blogskin and did some alterations—in case you’re wondering.

A Dreamer’s Sketchbook (my blog title) – I’m a real dreamer with all talk and no action (that’s what blogs are for!). The name sounds nice anyway.

Librainy (my nickname): Brainy + Libra (so true!)

Pinkish theme: Pink is cute (and so am I!) and the colour combinations just look so tasty…mmm….

To everyone: pink on girls is not a colour of weakness and stupidity! (Remember the cartoon “Pinky and the Brain”? It’s about two mice trying to escape from the lab where they are caged in—Pinky is the un-smart one while the Brain is, well, the name says it all) Not all ignorant girls are “pink-ified”! Plus, it shows off our femininity and charm... (i bet yenwoon is puking right now)

So, you like it? Post comments please :P

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Elan said...

aww i love the new name =D