Monday, October 2

In a Polka-Dotted Frenzy!!!

Trust me, the worst thing about being a teen would be the hormonal imbalance part where you have these horrendous... vicious... heartless... cruel...PIMPLES!!! They invade your cells beneath the skin and once your cells are over and done with, they raise the flag of victory and finally that's how the bump ends up on your skin.

Newton & Archimedes
: OII!!! You think we
don't exist ah? We waste our time making laws and principles and you go and mix up everything like rojak! Gosh, your lame!

Ehem. YOU GUYS got study Bio meh? Hehe, you don't know what's in the apple that fell on you, right, Mr. Newton?


Ok back to the topic. Spots are annoying esp. during exam week! And you see, me being the kiasu type would always want to take off the flag of theirs, so the bump normally ends up in a bloody patch. Yeah. Eww.

Then it's Hazeline to the rescue! It's this rather smelly face cream that i put on every time i squeeze off a spot. It's sort of compensating for the damage i did to my skin... I just can't help it... It was my hands! not me! i didn't do anything! Yeah, right.

Anyone with beauty secrets or defense tactics against those psychopathic pimples? Remember to post comments!

p.s. even the fish has pimples! my gosh!


Anonymous said...

Nyak nyak nyak !! thts wht all teenagers go through, including Mua. Hey fish pimples r worse, perhaps ate the wrong thing.lolz . So anyway regarding ur dilema, simple rules is this

1. Dont take too many oily stuff.

2. If u do, make sure u take equal amount of veggies, or perhaps more.

3. Most ppl turn to use products of facial care, nt to say its useless(thts for me) but u may be a little too sensitive towards certain products which makes ur face bright red. Oxyfresh is good enuf

4. In certain shops(guardian), they sell this product thts like a face tisue paper, which wipes the oily surface of ur skin to the max ! Forgot wht is the name but its a branded brand of course.

5. The item above is a little too exp for me (8bucks n above, so wht i do is, i use 5(yes!! FIVE sometimes 10, daily) normal face tisue paper n wipe the oily surface off. Usually using water will be better. Most important to wipe is ur nose both side. U will see the white tisue becomes brown, thts the oil

6. Check the surface using ur finger tht has wipe clean, make sure its perfectly clean of oils.

7. Use ur fingernails tht is clean n gently scrub the surface of ur skin, usualy u will feel tht there is something small n hiding underneath, slowly squeze it out. It is actualy a baby pimple tht has yet mature, take it out b4 it gets big. Mayb cud damage ur skin so nt advisabe unless u really wanna get rid of it.

8. Big pimples tht is already become big n perhaps red, dont touch it coz whenever u destroy one, another will comeout. Just make sure tht part espiacially is oil-free.

9. Remember, oil on the face is like oil in a car. The oil Is helping to feed the pimples so it grows mature. So u know wht to do la hor..?

10. Thts all !! N u r done. Blog in the results in prob a weeks time if thr is any changes. Sayonara.!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah almost forgot one more thing, over stress can cause it to grow into red blobs faster. Usually examination presures(obviously). If u really wanna put in efford in exams, then u'll hafto risk a little bit of how ur face would turn out lo...hahaha... But to avoid it is to rest more lo, or u can follow my previous method but with more efford. The earth is as tho closer n closer to the sun so u will hafto clean ur face more n more often, Solution ? Stay in a cool dry place just like kit-kat. U wouldnt want ur face to melt like it do ya ? lolz!! -Dave-

Klang Gal said...

At least ur pimples r not as bad as mine... If i get paid a ringgit for each person who asked me, " Do u have chicken pox?", i would be richer than bill gates now... Oh wait, I'm bill gates... Jus kiddin.. i'm his daughter..