Sunday, October 1

Dear Blog: Sorry sooo much!

"Deirdre, you are now sentenced to 5 minutes of self-reflection as you are charged guilty of blog abandonment!" Crying and weeping from the suspect is heard in the background. She is then brought to the side of her room to self-reflect for 5 minutes.

This is the truth! I really felt guilty for leaving my blog aside! I really do! (i just didn't do the self-reflect for 5 minutes thing)

I lost contact with my blog because:
1. Busy with studies and upcoming finals (exam)
2. I forgot my blogger username and password! *a big smack to the head*--done figuratively, :P

I'm still kinda halfway through my exams, so I'll be back with more, probably after Oct 13th...
To all my fans out there, hang on and continue worshipping Deirdre the Almighty!

p.s. yeah. I agree. Narcissist, I am. (did i get the spelling right)

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