Saturday, May 27

Read it only if you're free

Ah. After 2 excrutiating hours of stretching, over-stretching and stretching ourselves... Taekwondo class was finally over. (not that I hate it! I actually like it, but i'm used to whining :P)

As usual, a major traffic jam would break out in front of the school as anxious parents peer into the school compounds, waiting for their ninja turtles-to-be. (Obviously, i'm not one of them. I'm 100% human. No mutant X genes!)

So when my mum and I were stuck in the bad traffic, suddenly i realized the significance of living and non-living beings in the world. (i'm not Socrates, Aristotle or anything. And yes, i've just had my sejarah test. Bottomline--i'm no philosopher, jz expressing personal opinion.) A couple of homo sapiens are needed to MAKE a traffic jam, right? Without one, would there be a traffic jam? it takes the "cooperation" of a handful of cars to start a traffic jam... am i complicating matters?

But then there's another example. Malaysia has, say 24 million people but without you, it wouldn't be 24 million anymore, would it?

Why am i saying this? Just making a statement.

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~ * Unperfect Angel * ~ said...

Statement is made...haha