Thursday, April 13

My True Identity

Who am I?

I guess many people do ponder upon this big query. The friends we have may be sweet and some are helpful, but a single description isn’t sufficient to thoroughly describe a person’s character. Every single individual in this world has his/her own distinctive personality; nothing will change that fact. Even astrological signs and personality tests can only classify your character traits into certain genres or groups--only you yourself can analyse your personality in detail.

But, who am I? And who are you?

Sometimes I feel content with a solitary life, but some other moments I crave for the company of peers. Sometimes I fool around, brewing up malicious tricks in the witch’s cauldron. On the other hand, I enjoy peace and quiet, and I am capable of an immediate transformation into an obedient little midget (yeah, I’m barely 5 ft, so it matches the description; don’t ask me why I’m so short. I’m wondering the same question myself. What happened to my hormones???). And yes, sometimes I like to crack jokes, may it be silly or ironic. While at other moments, I like to think of the universe, the world, and philosophical questions (for example, now).

Sometimes I think all of us have split personalities—like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In my opinion, some of us (figuratively) put on a mask in the presence of friends and loved ones; and of course we display an attractive mask that projects the glitz and glamour of our personality. I think I carry that mask along, too! But I think I constantly change my masks according to the situation; like the type of friends I mingle with. I talk about cute guys, trendy clothing (tiered skirts won’t last long in the market; trust me) with the so-called “popular” group; conversely, I share my interest of books and general knowledge with the “bookworm” group. And for my “eccentric” group of peers, I crack silly jokes (simply because they laugh about almost everything) and let my imagination run wild.

I’m still in search of my true self, but I have spotted one particular characteristic of mine that I’m pretty sure of—insecurity. I’m practically insecure about everything—from my physical appearances to my future. Yeah, and I’m taking the psychology into serious consideration as one of my occupation choices. (I won’t be a psychiatrist—some of them end up being a little cranky like the patients they treat. Hehe…)

But then, my friends, some of you know me better than I know myself… So do you mind posting a few comments about what do you think of me (and please don’t mention cute/adorable again—it’s getting kind of tedious)

Thanks a million!

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