Friday, September 28

#1: Rewind, Fast Forward

~ Ok so I decided to join the MPH Search for Young Malaysian Writers Competition this year (did someone just stifle a giggle?) and FYI, I joined last year too and wasn't shortlisted (do I hear LAUGHTER?) But anyway I wanted to read the winning/ shortlisted essay for the competition in the year 2005 (it's an annual competition) ~

Book Title: Rewind, Fast Forward
Available in : MPH Bookstores (only, I think)
Price: RM 19.90
Brief Overview: A rather well done compilation on 39 of the best entries for the essay writing competition--teens could base the setting of their short story in the year 1940 0r 2030 and be 16 or 65 of age
What I like about the book: While some are just plain OKAY, there are some stories that are really thought-provoking, reflecting either the past or present of human lives, how we progress through the years and our inner desires.
For example? : "Lotus" by Amelia Foong Yee Ching depicts the life of a girl who is thrust into a strict and orthodox society where foot-binding plays a vital role in getting a good husband. When the protagonist has, unfortunately, the largest pair of feet in town, she is rejected by the town's most eligible bachelor with cries of "Too big!" (meaning her feet, of course). But finally the Revolutionary Party breaks into the village and large, liberated feet soon becomes the "in" thing. The "eligible bachelor" asks for her hand in marriage and guess what? She rejects him! Good for her!
Who should read the book: Any avid teen reader who would like to learn more about writing good stuff and drawing inspiration from promising writers (not copying ideas, mind you!)

p.s. sorry for the blur image...

More to come in future posts!

I've decided to...

Add book reviews to my blog! (other than the usual intellectual chatterings)
and sorry for my lack of posts these few weeks--caused by none other than the big great SPM TRIAL exam!!!

Did you know that our school gives away RM 100 to 10 highest-scorers for EVERY subject? Plus, the student who gets 1st placing (calculated using total average marks) gets RM 1000!!! (one for Sc stream, the other for Accts stream)

As you know, money is important. (Money is not everything, it's the only thing--> quoted in my last post)

So it wouldn't hurt to work harder since cold, hard $$ is at stake... right?

Ok, I digress...

So, what was I saying? Oh yeah, writing book reviews comments on books that I've read (not necessarily enjoyed)

Check out my next post for it!