Monday, June 4

Tempted... by the devil? Nah. More like commercialism

With the advancement of "brainotechnology" (is there such word?) or something, psychologists and retailers have gotten into the root of our minds, dug deep and found our deepest desires... (don't think dirty, guys!) to feel rich and spend rich!

That's why whenever my sis and I go shopping together, we sort of feel inexorably drawn to shops with the 4-letter word--SALE (which is practically on every shop) in hopes for a good buy, but it seems the only place where you can get really affordable stuff is the pasar malam (or pagi, depending on when u go)

At the tender age of 15++, I don't really know much about shopping, but to me, a blouse priced at RM 49.90 is really too much to bear (unless it's really cute or it says Hail Librany, our Queen! or something) whereas you can easily get a RM 15 T-shirt at the night market.

I just went to Lot 10 and Sungei Wang Plaza last week, and some of the clothes and shoes there are really glamorous (i guess i've not been out that often!! but at LEAST i was not hiding under a tempurung) but sooo pricey! You can say I'm an inexperienced buyer but you would have to go through lots of shopping "mishaps" to gain more experience I guess!

At the end of the day, my sis (who works and earns money) bought BAGS of clothes and shoes back while I (who gets money by pulling the puss-in-boots-pitiful-face stunt) bought a pair of shoes from Vincci...