Wednesday, May 31

Are You Happy Now?

After reading my friend’s blog, sometimes I just think I’m too lucky in life. (Touch wood!)

Although I’m honestly 100% not fortunate in other aspects such as exam luck or team luck (Rumah B loses every year!), I can possibly brag about the love and gifts that were showered on me during the 14 years of my life. *apparently I’m not going to do that now… so perasan meh?*

Examples of different friends’ predicament:

  1. Being disrespected in the family, all alone at home ALL the time, having love life problems, father far from home.

  1. Comes from a broken family, no idea of father’s identity, no freedom in making choices. Mum comes home late at night, experienced a few sad and betrayed relationships.

  1. From an OK family, but has been molested by close relative twice, family does not know and still treats the relative with utmost care and respect.

  • For those who have been mentioned above, sorry if I’ve interrupted your privacy… I kept your identities secret at any rate.

Sometimes life is just like a fairytale, but in between, you’ll have unforgettable nightmares and tragic happenings.

Isn’t it worth thinking about?

Analyzing Genes XX

To me, girls are pretty hard to understand.

And I’m a female, too! But seriously speaking, there’s too much emotion going on in there that’s not being presented on the outside. Sometimes you’ll feel down and moody (esp. when you have nothing to do, and you don’t want to start on tuition homework!), and there’s that occasional spark (during the American Idol season!) that you WISH you could grasp some fame and fortune and had that wonderful voice on stage!

And during exam season, you wish you could get it over and done with ASAP without much hassle. Your eyes are closing…closing…fatigue closing in… closed. Ah. Bliss. Then you realized you haven’t finished studying and there’s a moment of annoyance + anxiousness = breaking down! I don’t know about you, but that happens to me almost ALL the time…

Sometimes, you don’t feel anything at all—school, home and friends simply make you dull. You go to school, come back, go for extra classes, come back, eat and sleep. It’s just such a monotonous life, sometimes you wish something extraordinary would happen! (E.g. you just found out you’re a witch/wizard/mutant and you’ll whiz off to some magical school! ß apparently influenced by Harry Potter and X-Men). Of course, there are also moments of fun and silly moments where you fool around with your friends…

After going through these lines, I still don’t understand myself. Do you?

Saturday, May 27

Read it only if you're free

Ah. After 2 excrutiating hours of stretching, over-stretching and stretching ourselves... Taekwondo class was finally over. (not that I hate it! I actually like it, but i'm used to whining :P)

As usual, a major traffic jam would break out in front of the school as anxious parents peer into the school compounds, waiting for their ninja turtles-to-be. (Obviously, i'm not one of them. I'm 100% human. No mutant X genes!)

So when my mum and I were stuck in the bad traffic, suddenly i realized the significance of living and non-living beings in the world. (i'm not Socrates, Aristotle or anything. And yes, i've just had my sejarah test. Bottomline--i'm no philosopher, jz expressing personal opinion.) A couple of homo sapiens are needed to MAKE a traffic jam, right? Without one, would there be a traffic jam? it takes the "cooperation" of a handful of cars to start a traffic jam... am i complicating matters?

But then there's another example. Malaysia has, say 24 million people but without you, it wouldn't be 24 million anymore, would it?

Why am i saying this? Just making a statement.