Monday, November 26

Mind Business

I've finally figured out the meaning of "it's all in the mind"... It means if you can't think positively, don't think AT ALL. It will really kill you.

I KNOW i'm in the midst of SPM. I KNOW i have accounts and chinese paper to go... but i really have to vent my frustration onto this post. Crap if i may, at least i won't think about IT that much...

The problem is, i think too much. The more i calculate, the less marks I'm getting for Biology. So far I've lost about 10 marks, give and take i might lose 20 marks in total... Okay why doesn't blogging help me solve my dilemma?

Sorry, if you're looking for quality in this post, it practically has as much quality as... erm... an apple that has been left to oxidise for three days? (ok i'm bad at simile)

But i've figured that the more you think of something in the NEGATIVE way, the worse things get... But thankfully I know I have limited brain capacity so this frustration will stay in my mind for a max of 2 days... then i'll PROBABLY forget it all...

But heck, who doesn't want to get A1 for SPM?

Ok i think blogging therapy is not working for me... The other alternatives:
1. Retail therapy (i think money is unrenewable "energy" might not b worth the trouble)
2. Book therapy (i BADLY want to read "My family and other animals" by Gerald Durrell but I'm still having my chinese exam... my brain has to be "mandarinised"...)
3. Movie therapy (THIS will do jz fine...)
4. Food therapy (i'll have to bear the consequences of growing laterally then....)

ok. I'd better move on to movie therapy.